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Meet the Villagers

During your walks through Allaire Village you’re often to find Villagers at their trades, playing games, doing chores, and participating in daily life in 1836. On special event days, especially it is probable that you will come across officials of the Howell Iron Works and members of the Allaire family. If you meet any of these villagers, be sure to engage them in conversation and ask any questions that you’ve been wondering about- they’re always more than happy to chat with curious visitors! Here are a few actual and fictional characters you may find…

James P. Allaire

Owner and founder of the Howell Iron Works, Mr. Allaire can usually be found on some of our larger, family-centered events (such as the Funeral, or the Wedding of Maria Allaire). As the Howell Iron Works is supplemental to the Allaire Iron Works, he is usually in New York City with the primary business. A very generous employer, Allaire built the industrial village and invited hundreds of workers and their families to live on the premises. In addition, he provides free education to all children of his workers, including the girls (an unheard-of practice in the 1830’s)!

Manager James Smith

As Mr. Allaire is away most of the time, it is Mr. Smith’s job to run the industrial village in the owner’s absence. As manager, he oversees the numerous furnace workers, tradesmen, shopkeepers, and factory workers to ensure that things are running smoothly and fairly. You’re invited to visit the home of Mr. Smith where his family are always welcoming and eager to engage visitors in their everyday activities.

Maria Allaire & Thomas Andrews

Maria Allaire, the youngest daughter of James Allaire, just recently married Thomas Andrews, Manager of the Allaire Iron Works in New York City! The entire village came out to celebrate the wedding, which was held in the Allaire Chapel. The newlyweds can often be seen walking around on event days when they’re not at their home in New York City. If you spot them, be sure to offer your congratulations and see what they’re up to in the Village!

Captain Brown

Captain Brown is the leader and commander of the Howell Works’ militia and can usually be found in the Village every weekend. In order to ensure the safety of the Village and its citizens, the militia frequently practice their drills and musters on special event days. You too can join the Allaire militia and take part in their marches and orders!

The Village Blacksmiths, Carpenters, & Tinsmiths

The Village tradespeople are always out practicing their craft and happy to share their wealth of information with any curious visitor! Stop by the Blacksmith shop to learn more about the iron-making process and how difficult it was to be an apprentice. In the Tinsmith shop see things like lanterns & whistles being made. While you’re there, visit with the Carpenter see some handmade, 19th-century toys!

The Foodways Guild

Allaire wouldn’t be the same without these talented & warm-hearted villagers! Always out on event days, they can be found in the Bakery, Manager’s House, or Big House cooking up traditional, 19th-century recipes. Using authentic methods and ingredients, and using the open hearths, it always feels as if you’ve stepped back into 1836 when they’re around! Always willing to give out their recipes and tips, be sure to seek them out on your next visit!

The Village Boys & Girls

No matter what day it is, there are always young people in the Village & welcoming visitors into their homes! Take tours of the Foreman’s, Manager’s and Allaire Mansion and learn what it was like to be a young family member in a bustling industrial village. If the villagers are out and about, they will be more than happy to invite you into their activities! Join them for some games, learn about cider pressing, or help with their chores such as gardening, laundry, and water-hauling!

Hope to see you out soon!