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A Special Book Signing Event at Allaire Village

While you’re at this Saturday’s Fall Crafters’ Market, stop by the General Store & Museum Gift Shop for this unique event!  Author of the definitive works on the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Karen F. Riley will be signing books & talking with visitors from 10am to 4:30pm. Be sure to stop by!

For more information, please call the General Store & Museum Gift Shop at 732-938-3311 or visit during its operating hours: Wednesdays & Fridays- 10am-4pm, Saturdays & Sundays- 10am-4:30pm.

Hope everyone is getting excited for our Fall Season at Allaire Village! Look out for upcoming information on spooky cultural programs, harvest events, and of course…Halloween Hayrides! Please visit for more information & ticket purchases.


Halloween Hayrides begin tonight!

Join us for two weekends of thrills and chills!

In addition to taking a haunted hayride through our spooky woods, here’s some other activities happening throughout the Village:

  • Listen to scary stories in the Carriage House
  • See ghost hunters at work in the Carpenter’s Shop
  • Get your fortune told in the Manager’s House
  • See special Halloween performances in the Allaire Mansion
  • See our tradesmen at work in the Blacksmith Shop
  • Stop by the Bakery and General Store for drinks, snacks and souvenirs

Tickets are limited so advanced purchase is recommended! For ticket orders call 732-919-3500 or visit For more information please visit

Hope to see you out!


What’s Happening this Autumn at Allaire?

Click for a larger image

While Summer is sadly almost over, Allaire Village is getting ready for the busy Autumn season! In addition to the numerous historic, fundraising, and cultural events, Hayride season has already begun! Set-up is already well under way and tickets are on sale now! For more information on Halloween Hayrides, and to order advanced tickets, please visit our website.

In addition to our regular events, Allaire Village is participating in Smithsonian’s 2011 Museum Day! On Saturday, September 24th, visit our Village and be a part of the nation-wide celebrations! Visit the website, print out your ticket, and enjoy a history-filled day at Allaire! For more information about Museum Day, check out their official website.

Be sure to stop by for some of our events!


Halloween Hayrides 2010

So I know I’ve been awfully neglectful of the Allaire blog but I think these pictures will make up for it…


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

"The Odyssey's" Sirens

A scene from "The Crucible"

"The Wizard of Oz"

The Mad Hatter & White Rabbit from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Dr. Frankenstein, Igor & Frankenstein's Monster

All photos by Jeff Tureaud.

Thank you everyone who participated in Hayrides 2010! The volunteers, staff, and the Brick Memorial Drama Club all did a fantastic job!


We know it’s Hayride season when…

…you’re saying things like “Just how many skeletons are overkill?”

So it’s the final countdown to the first Halloween Hayride of 2010 at Allaire (they begin on Friday). As with every year we’re pretty much entrenched in all things ghoul, ghost and skeleton. Since each year we come up with a different theme (this year’s being Haunted Literature), we always need to re-stock some of our supplies.


During the haunted month of October we go SHOPPING!


An Allaire Haunted Hayride Grocery List:

-Two fake arms

-Silver face paint

-Leopard patterned duct tape

-Some swords

-A large, strange hat

-Lab coats


-A tea set

-A submarine

What do they have to do with each other? Very little. But if you come out to a Hayride you will see our wonderful actors (and props) in action! For more info visit our website or call our office at 732-919-3500.

Check out some photos from last year’s Hayride!




Tiberius, the star of every Hayride.


Happy Haunting,


A Hayride Sneak-Peek!

Seeming I’ve been mentioning it in practically every blog post you probably know that Halloween Hayrides are almost here! On Friday October 15th, Saturday October 16th, Friday October 22nd, and Saturday October 23rd take a ride through the Allaire woods- it has been overrun with characters from “Haunted Literature”!

Hayrides run from 6:00 to 9:30 pm and advanced ticket order is highly recommended! For more info on tickets visit our webpage.

So we’re very excited about this year’s theme and we finally pinned down what works we’re going to chose our literary villains from! Curious? Well I can’t tell you everything but if you keep your eyes peeled you might just see these guys (and more!)…

Any guesses?

Hope to see you this October!


What’s Happening this October at Allaire?

Autumn is Upon Us…

Well, technically Autumn begins next Thursday but it is indeed upon Allaire! The weather’s starting to get a bit cooler, the leaves will begin changing and Autumn events at Allaire will kick off this weekend! Join us this Sunday as the Villagers celebrate the end of the summer and the coming of the autumn season.  Autumn was the time of year when people of the 19th century would begin to prepare for the winter season.

Photo by Jeff Tureaud

There will be apple games for the children, apple snapping, apple toss, and other 19th century games.  Horse and Wagon rides available  to take visitors on a ride through the woods adjacent to the Visitors Center. Adults and Children will be able to enjoy a puppet show, story telling, and live, period music.  Villagers will make cider with an 1830’s cider press.  In addition, the Interpreters at the Manager’s House will be cooking on the open hearth. There will also be stovetop cooking in the Allaire Mansion.  This will be a great day of fun for the whole family.  Plan to spend an afternoon enjoying the beautiful park setting and the interpretive programs at the Historic Village at Allaire!

Not to mention, October begins all of our Halloween events including our Haunted Hayrides! For more info on October events visit our calendar.

In the meantime, check out some photos from previous Autumns at Allaire!

Photo by Jeff Tureaud

Photo by Jeff Tureaud

Hope to see you this Fall!


Allaire Village soon to be invaded by Literary Villains!

Now that August is winding down, all of us here at the Village are starting to get ready for the insane months that is Hayride Season. While it is always a fun event there’s hundreds of hours that goes into the preparation and planning of it. Last year’s Hayride theme was History’s Horrors and featured frightening figures such as Vlad the Impaler, Erzebet Bathory, and Lizzie Borden.

We’re so excited about this year’s theme: Horrors of Literature! We’ve been researching villains and monsters from classic literature and how we can incorporate them into our hayride. So for this week’s blog feature I asked our Facebook fans what frightening literary characters (or stories) (or writers) they’d like to see. Here’s what they said!

Colin C: Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

Susan L: E. A. Poe

Mary S: I think the Dementors from Harry Potter would be great on the train ride.

Merewyn D: Ophelia from Hamlet or Bertha Rochester from Jane Eyre.

Poor Bertha

Jennifer A: Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde

Donna A: NOT the Twilight characters. Please! So overdone.

Patricia C: Ichabod Crane of course !!

James L: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Irene A: There has to be a Raven.

Lame Hayride this year? Nevermore!

Thanks to everyone who contributed! We’re hoping this year’s Hayride is a good one!



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